How Long Does It Take to Refinish Wood Floor?

Feb 8, 2024

Starting a new refinishing project can be daunting not just due to the scope of the problem but also because most homeowners don’t know how long it will take to refinish wood floors.

The exact duration of the project may vary, but the standard timeframe of a wood floor refinishing project is at least 2-4 days. However, this timeframe may differ due to many factors, which we will discuss in the blog below.

Factors Affecting the Time it Takes to Refinish Wood Floor

⇒ Type of Finish Used

The type of polyurethane you use on your floor impacts the refinishing time. There are two main types of polyurethane finishes: oil-based and water-based. While oil-based finishes are durable, they take longer to dry.

On the other hand, water-based finishes dry quicker and reduce the overall refinishing time, but don’t last as long. Oil-based finishes take up to 72 hours to properly cure (24 hours per coat), while water-based finishes take 20 hours max to cure (4-6 hours per coat).

⇒ Size of Your Space

The more area you need to refinish, the more time it’ll take to complete the project. Typically, skilled experts can refinish up to 1,000 to 1,100 sq feet in a single day.

So, if you have multiple rooms that need refinishing and the area is larger than 1000 sq feet, it may take longer to finish when adding the drying time for stains and finishes. You can expect larger areas to take more than three days to refinish.

⇒ Weather Conditions

The climate also plays an important role in determining the refinishing time for wood floors. Humidity is the most crucial factor affecting the drying time of wood floors.

It takes a long time for a finish to dry in areas with high humidity. While this may not look like a big difference, it can extend the project timeline by many days. You can rectify the issue by using dehumidifiers to reduce the moisture in the air.

⇒ Extent of Damage

If your wood floor has multiple imperfections such as dents, gouges, and gaps, you’ll need to fix them first. Refilling the gaps in hardwood floors and fixing other damage can take up time and increase the overall time for refinishing.

If the extent of damage is greater, you may need to spend more time on it to avoid trouble later on. So factor in all the scratches, dents and other marks on your hardwood floors before you start the refinishing project.

⇒ Waiting Time

The refinishing project is not complete after you apply the paint. There is still some time you should wait before walking on the floor. This time depends on the finish you use and the type of wood species.

However, the drying time can impact your refinishing schedule, so you need to consider it in your overall project planning.

⇒ Professional Timeline

Trying to refinish the floor yourself can unnecessarily increase the time, especially if you are working in a large area. The reason for this is you may not have the equipment or skills needed to complete the task quickly.

At Floor Sanding Co., our skilled experts can refinish your wood floor as soon as possible with our advanced equipment and expertise. From sanding to applying the finish, we can complete your project in the least possible time and let you enjoy your floors as soon as possible.


It can take up to 2 to 4 days to refinish wood floors. But the type of finish you use, the size of the area and the condition of the area may affect this timeline, and you may need to adjust your project and work accordingly.