How to Maintain Your Hardwood Floors After Refinishing?

Apr 22, 2024

Hardwood floors are certainly appealing additions to our homes. But as they get worn-out and dull, they too need periodic refinishing from time to time. It gets rid of their worn-out look and brings out a new-like shine on your floors.

However, this newly-achieved shine can only stay if you take proper care of your floors. Here is how you can maintain your hardwood floors after refinishing to help them retain their charm for years to come.

8 Maintenance Tips For Your Hardwood Floors After Refinishing

1. Stay off the floor for some hours

After you’ve refinished your hardwood floors, it’s crucial to stay off them for some hours. Any activity on the freshly finished floors can cause damage to the finish. How long you should stay off your floors after refinishing depends on your finish type and other factors. But ideally, you should avoid any traffic for at least 24 hours post-refinishing. This will help let the finish set and maintain your floors well.

2. Keep pets away

Besides giving time to your floors after refinishing, you should also protect them from your pets. Their sharp nails or accidental peeing can quickly spoil the newly-applied finish of your floor. That’s why keeping them away from the wood-floored area is ideal. But if that’s not possible, you can at least trim their nails and keep them groomed and trained.

3. Restrict walking with shoes on

Just like pets, shoes can bring outside dirt and grit indoors on your floors. That not only makes you deal with scuff marks on your wooden floors but also damages its new finish. So, you need to restrict walking with shoes indoors, especially pointed ones like heels that can easily cause scratches in the finish.

4. Trap dirt with rugs

Besides keeping footwear at bay, you can also use floor covering to maintain your wood floors after refinishing. Floor coverings like runner rugs, mats, or even carpet tiles can trap the incoming dirt and grit before it gets onto your floorboards. These will also come in handy when you have toddlers making spills on the floor every now and then.

5. Pad the furniture legs

When you’ve newly refinished your wood floors, padding under the furniture legs is vital. Furniture pads will protect against any damage or dents due to the heavy weight on your hardwood floor. Moreover, you should also avoid dragging bulky items across your wood floors and instead lift them up to prevent scratches.

6. Vacuum and sweep often

Another tip to keep your hardwood floors well-maintained after refinishing is to clean them regularly. Make sure you sweep and vacuum your floors a few times a week. This will keep the surface dirt and grit away before it begins to dull your wood floor.

7. Tackle spills immediately

Besides a regular vacuuming routine, pay immediate attention to spills. Spills and stains, if not treated promptly, can quickly stain your hardwood floor’s finish. So, prefer to tackle them as soon as possible with a safe cleaning solution that’s appropriate for your floor and finish type. Avoid using the harsh ones that can wear off the finish.

8. Protect from water & humidity

Just like spills, hardwood floors do not respond well to excessive moisture exposure too. Make sure you are avoiding your floor’s contact with excess water or humidity. Avoid overwetting them while cleaning and maintain your home’s humidity well with proper ventilation. This will help protect your wood floors from water damage too.

Summing Up

Protecting and maintaining your hardwood floors after refinishing isn’t that hard. Make sure you avoid pets and heavy traffic on your floors after a few hours of refinishing and restrict the entry of shoes indoors. Moreover, placing furniture pads, cleaning regularly, and avoiding water exposure can help keep your floors go a long way.