How to Protect Wood Floors From Damage?

Nov 7, 2023

Hardwood floors are a wonderful addition to any home with their elegant vibes and classy looks. But they also cost a fortune. So, if you have recently installed hardwood floors and are worried about their safety and maintenance, we can help you out.

In this blog, our experts will give some of the best advice on protecting your hardwood floors from scratches, dents and other damage. It will help you maintain the beauty of your flooring for longer and keep it looking spotless.

Tips to Protect Wood Floors From Damage

⇒ Stop Dirt At the Door

Dirt and dust are the biggest enemies of your hardwood’s finish. So, the best way to limit damage to it is to restrict the entry of these contaminants inside your home. Here are a few ways for that.

  • Place doormats at the front door to catch the excess dirt and debris before it can reach your hardwood flooring.
  • Ask people to leave their shoes at the entrance, as high heels and shoes with spikes can do unimaginable damage to your hardwood floor.

Moreover, if you have outdoor pets, clean them thoroughly before letting them into the house again.

⇒ Maintain a Regular Cleaning Routine

A regular cleaning routine is a must for the longevity of your hardwood flooring. Vacuuming, mopping and dusting will keep the dirt, dust and debris at bay, preventing damage to your floors.

However, ensure you don’t use attachments like the beater bar during vacuuming, as that can scratch your flooring and ruin its delicate finish.

⇒ Limit Moisture While Cleaning

Many homeowners overwet their hardwood floors when they mop them. But this can cause issues like decay and swelling. It happens because the water seeps into the unsealed areas of the floor.

Only use a slightly damp mop after thoroughly wringing it out to prevent this. It will ensure effective cleaning while avoiding unnecessary moisture and potential mould growth.

⇒ Choose Cleaners Carefully

wrong cleaners can easily damage your hardwood floors by stripping away the finish and leaving the area faded. So you need to choose a cleaner that won’t damage your floor even after regular use.

Do proper research before buying a cleaning solution for your wood floors, and test each one on a small hidden area to ensure it doesn’t cause any permanent damage or discolouration.

⇒ Lay Down Rug and Runners

While it may look redundant to place rugs and runners on hardwood floors and hide their beauty, it has many benefits. By strategically placing attractive rugs on high-traffic areas of your home, like the entrance, stairs and some parts of the hall, you reduce the wear and tear on these areas.

These rugs are easier to clean and maintain and can last longer. Moreover, you can remove these coverings anytime to unveil the true appearance of your beautiful hardwood floors.

⇒ Use Furniture Pads

Furniture like chairs and sofas with legs can scratch and damage your hardwood floors. To prevent this, purchase some inexpensive leg protectors. These protectors create a barrier between the furniture legs and the floor, which reduces the chances of damage.

They also come in various colours and sizes, giving you a variety of options for your furniture’s looks, making them a good choice for your floor’s protection.

⇒ Get Your Floor Refinished

Even with the best of care and maintenance, your hardwood floor may start to look dull and drab due to years of use. The best way to bring back the original appearance of your flooring is floor refinishing by the experts.

At Floor Sanding CO., our skilled experts have years of experience in floor sanding and refinishing. We can bring out your hardwood floor’s ‘real’ appearance with our expertise and advanced technology, protecting it from additional damage.