Sanding and Oiling Cost Analysis

Dec 20, 2023

If you’re considering having your wooden floors sanded and refinished, one of the first things you’ll want to understand is the cost involved. Professional floor sanding and finishing is an investment for sure, but restored wood floors can significantly increase your home’s value and provide years of beauty and enjoyment.

As with any major home improvement project, there are several variables that impact overall pricing. In this comprehensive guide from the floor sanding experts at, we’ll break down what goes into sanding and refinishing pricing so you know exactly what to budget for your floors.

The Basics of Floor Sanding Pricing

The two main components that make up floor sanding costs are:

  • Labor: This includes our technicians’ time for sanding, repairs, staining/oiling and applying protective sealants. Labor is typically charged by the square meter.
  • Materials: Such as stains, oils, lacquers and any supplies needed for repairs. Materials are also priced per square meter depending on your selected finish.

Additional on-site factors like moving furniture, staircase sanding, dust containment, floor access, and required repairs can drive up the total project price as well. We’ll detail those variables later. First, let’s break down labor and material rates.

Floor Sanding Labor Rates

Our floor sanding technician rates are:

Floor Sanding

From £19.00 per m2

This includes:

  • Initial floor preparation – clearing furniture and thorough cleaning
  • 3-stage sanding process – coarse, medium and fine grit abrasives
  • Hand scraping corners and detailing edges
  • Vacuuming up all dust debris between sanding stages
  • Applying your choice of protective finish

Floor Sanding Only

From £12.00 per m2

If you choose to apply stain or finish yourself, our sand-only rate is £12.00 per m2. This prepares the bare wood surface for you to treat.

As you can see, sanding labor represents a significant portion of the total price. An experienced, professional crew working efficiently helps control costs. All our floor sanding technicians are fully trained and supervised to deliver consistent, quality results.

hardwood sanding

Wood Floor Finish Options & Costs

After sanding smooths and prepares the surface, a protective sealant is imperative to shield against wear, water damage and stains. There are various finish options for wood floors, with different aesthetic qualities, durability and pricing.

Floor oiling enhances the natural look of wood while allowing the surface to breathe. It requires more frequent maintenance but avoids a plastic-like appearance.

From £4.00 per m2

This includes two coats of natural clear hardwax oil.

Lacquer creates a strong, water-resistant glossy or matte surface. It provides the most durable finish with easier maintenance than oil.

From £12.00 per m2

This includes four coats of clear lacquer.

Floor stain adds color to change or restore the original tone of the wood. An oil or lacquer is still required over stain for protection.

From  £4.00 per m2

Stain costs vary widely based on type and brand. We’ll advise the best options for your floors.

Factors That Increase Floor Sanding Costs

How to Sand Hardwood Floors

Now that we’ve covered the basic sanding stages and finish pricing, let’s discuss additional considerations that can increase the total project cost:

Size of Flooring Area
Sanding labor is the biggest expense, charged per square meter. Larger rooms or whole house sanding equals higher costs but also bigger transformations! We’re happy to provide free estimates for any size project.

Moving and Replacing Furniture
Clearing space for floor access and containment is essential. We can handle this grunt work but fees apply for furniture moving/storage.

Stair Sanding
Refreshing stair treads and risers takes skilled specialty work, increasing labor rates. We train all crews in stair sanding techniques.

Extensive Repairs
Rotted boards, cracked planks, holes and other damages drive up material expenses and time spent making fixes. We’ll assess repairs needed and discuss costs upfront.

Specialty Finishes

Tinted stains, custom blends, distressing and other specialty treatments increase material costs. We work with you to achieve your desired look.

Dust Containment
Containing dust is mandatory for indoor sanding. Our dust-free equipment costs extra but ensures cleaner air.

Remote Location
Travel fees may apply for destinations far from our service area. We primarily serve London and surrounding counties.

Get An Accurate Floor Sanding Quote

To recap – the total project cost for sanding your floors depends on:

  • Square meter size of flooring area
  • Labor rates for sanding work needed
  • Choice of finish type and number of coats
  • On-site factors like furniture moving, stairs, repairs etc.
  • Special treatments like custom staining
  • Dust containment fees
  • Travel fees (if outside service area)

With many variables at play, the best way to get an accurate price estimate is to have our team assess your floors in-person. Our site visit and quote is absolutely FREE and with no obligation.

Get in touch today to book your appointment!

Conclusion & Call to Action

We hope this outline of what impacts floor sanding costs clears up pricing questions. While it does represent an investment, newly restored wood floors can increase home value by 100-200% return on cost. The update also unifies home decor and provides years of renewable life.

Our expert teams have sanded and finished over 30,000 floors across the London area and surrounding counties. Click here now to request your free quote and see how affordable upgrading your floors can be!