Signs Your Hardwood Floors Need To Be Restored

Dec 21, 2023

As a luxury item, hardwood floors are a massive investment for homeowners. But they last a long time with proper care and maintenance. Still, wear and tear from constant foot traffic and ageing can take their toll on your flooring.

So, if your floors are looking dull and drab lately, it may be time to refinish them. To help you determine if you need to get them restored, here, we have discussed the most common signs of damaged hardwood.

Top Signs That Your Hardwood Floors Need To Be Restored

1. There Are a Lot of Scratches

Over time, scratches can accumulate on your flooring due to heavy furniture, pets and daily wear and tear. When the scratches are deep, they make your flooring susceptible to water damage and staining.

The best way to deal with ugly scratches is to consider refinishing the scratched areas by lightly sanding them.

2. Boards Appear Grey/ Colour is Fading

Another common sign that your hardwood floors need to be restored is colour-fading due to exposure to the sun, physical damage, or water damage. It can result in floorboards turning grey or even black in extreme cases.

The only way to fix it is to stain your wood floors and get them refinished by applying a new coat of polyurethane finish.

3. Warping and Bending Due to Water Damage

Excessive moisture can damage your floors a lot. It can lead to cupping and warping on your hardwood floors. Severe water damage can even cost you expensive instalments.

To protect your hardwood floors from damage, get them restored before the boards turn black and need replacements. Damage in smaller areas is easier to deal with, but you will need to hire experts to refinish bigger spaces.

4. The Finish Has Started to Worn Out

If the existing finish on your hardwood floor has started to fade due to excess wear and tear, you should consider getting your floors restored. Experts will sand down the old finish of your floor and apply a new finish on the newly sanded floor.

To check if your finish is still intact, pour a few drops of water on it. If the water beads up, your finish is working. But if the moisture soaks in, then you need to reapply your refinish.

5. Squeaking Noise from Woodboards

If your hardwood floors are old, there may be a squeaking noise coming from them. It can be due to the boards getting disjointed and cracking against each other. The best way to fix the issue is to refasten the boards or add lubricants.

But if the squeaking noise persists, you need to get your floor refinished and restored by trained experts.

Your Trusted Floor Restoration Experts

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With our years of experience and the latest equipment, we will restore your flooring to its former glory and give it a flawless finish. Book your service today.