When to Call for Professional Floor Sanding Services

Dec 18, 2023

As a homeowner, you may be considering refinishing your wood floors to give them an updated, like-new appearance. While do-it-yourself floor sanding seems tempting as a way to save money, this is a job that requires specialized skills and equipment to produce quality results. Understanding when it’s best to call in a professional for floor sanding services is key.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the major factors to consider when deciding between DIY vs. professional floor sanding. Keep reading to learn about the risks of doing it yourself, signs you need to call the pros, what to expect from start to finish, and answers to common questions around cost and process.

The Risks of DIY Floor Sanding

It’s understandable to consider a DIY floor sanding project to save on costs. However, this is an advanced job that requires the proper equipment and skillsets. Without these elements, you risk the following:

DIY Floor Sanding

Over-Sanding the Wood

Without the proper sanding expertise, it’s easy to accidentally over-sand the wood. This can damage the tongue and groove components or thin out the floorboards too aggressively. It takes firsthand experience to know how to appropriately sand to prepare the floors without causing permanent damage.

Inconsistent Final Appearances

Achieving a smooth, even appearance across the entirety of your floors requires specialized floor sanding equipment. Rental floor sanders available at your local hardware store often don’t have the power, adjustments or dust containment capabilities to deliver flawless results.

Breathing in Hazardous Dust

The sanding required in refinishing wood releases fine particle dust into the air. Without proper safety gear and dust containment, breathing in these small particles poses health risks. DIY attempts often lack the ventilation and protective equipment to safely contain dust.

Potential Resanding/Refinishing

Without the skills and tools to sand appropriately the first time around, you risk needing to repeat the intensive sanding and refinishing process. This defeats the purpose of choosing a DIY approach for cost savings.

These risks demonstrate why floor sanding is best left to seasoned professionals with the expertise to deliver quality refinishing work safely and efficiently.

Signs You Need to Hire a Professional for Floor Sanding

You may still be unsure if your floors require calling in professional services or if you can manage the project on your own. Here are a few clear signs it’s in your best interest to hire a pro:

floor sanding

There Are Deep Scratches/Gouges

If you notice gashes, deep scratches or any uneven damage in your wood, these all indicate professional sanding and refinishing are needed. Only commercial equipment has the power and precision to sand out any dents, repairs or substantial damage to prepare floors correctly.

You See Warping or Buckling

Any warping, cupping or buckling point to moisture damage in the wood. These issues need professional equipment and experience to sand out smoothly for an even finish. DIY floor sanders lack the power and adjustments needed to properly correct these types of uneven floor problems.

You Have Odors Trapped in the Wood

If pet urine or other stubborn scents have soaked into the floorboards, sanding is the only way to remove these odors from the wood. DIY tools can’t penetrate deep enough to thoroughly eliminate unpleasant smells. Our professional sanders reach below the wood’s surface for the deepest cleaning possible.

Pet Claws Have Scratched The Surface

Powerful claws from household pets like dogs and cats can cause deeper surface-level scratches as they run across floors. Only commercial grade sanding tools have the power and dust containment features to rebuff out claw marks for a flawless final look.

At the first signs of any deep damage or the need for in-depth cleaning, call our UK-based professional floor sanding company for quality services guaranteed to restore your floors’ original beauty.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Floor Sanding

In addition to mitigating the risks of taking on an intensive DIY refinishing project, hiring professional floor sanding services comes with numerous advantages:

Save Yourself Labor and Time

A floor sanding project requires multiple days of intense physical labor to sand smooth, clean debris, apply stains and finishes, and allow for drying time. Our team handles this arduous work for you, saving your back, arms and hours!

One-Stop Services

The most reputable floor sanding companies also offer staining, finishing and refinishing services once initial sanding is complete. This means enjoying convenient, start-to-finish refurbishment without coordinating multiple vendors.

Commercial-Grade Equipment

Top companies invest in commercial machinery designed specifically for floor sanding tasks. This professional-caliber equipment allows for optimal power, adjustments and dust containment as we work.

Superior Dust Containment

Speaking of dust, professional companies adhere to strict safety standards that keep fine particle dust appropriately contained. Your home stays clean and your health stays protected as we work.

Better Results

With commercial equipment, years of hands-on experience and the ability to provide full-service offerings, professionals deliver longer-lasting results that restore your floors’ beauty and function.

Peace of Mind When you hire the professionals at our company, satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We stand behind the quality of our floor sanding work.

Reduce Stress

Finally, hiring professionals reduces the stress that comes with tackling intensive renovation work on your own. Let us handle this project off your to-do list!

The myriad benefits of hiring professionals demonstrate why it’s always advisable to call the experts first for flawless floor sanding and refinishing every time.

How to Choose the Right Professional

Once you’ve decided professional floor sanding services are the smartest route, how do you pick the right pro for the job? Keep these tips in mind:

How to Choose the Right Professional

Evaluate Professional Associations

Reputable companies often hold accreditations and memberships with trade organizations like the National Wood Flooring Association. These affiliations indicate adherence to strict industry standards.

Ask About Customization

The right company for you will offer different service packages at various price points to suit your precise needs and budget, whether minor touch-ups or complete overhauls.

Look for 5-Star Reviews

The most dependable floor sanding companies have numerous happy, repeat customers. The best advertise their glowing reviews prominently on their websites and online profiles. Check out their testimonials and reviews from previous customers

Inquire About Experience

Pick a company with at least a decade, preferably 15-20 years or more worth of proven floor sanding experience. They will have seen every flooring scenario and know the methods that deliver superior, lasting results.

Consider Needs Beyond Sanding

Some companies only offer floor sanding itself whereas the most comprehensive options provide stain matching, finishing applications and more for beautiful full-service renovations.

Ask Questions

From timeline expectations to the equipment and products used, don’t hesitate to ask for details upfront before confirming services. Reputable teams will answer thoroughly.

Choosing floor restoration experts for your home is an important decision based on skill, experience, capabilities and professionalism. Depend on our UK floor sanding services for beautiful floors restored to their original glory. For wood floor repairs across London, Manchester, Birmingham and beyond, contact us today!

The Cost of Professional Floor Sanding vs. DIY

At this point, the value of entrusting your important floor sanding investment to professionals should be clear. You may still have questions about cost and budget considerations. Let’s explore:

Professional Floor Sanding Cost Factors

Pricing from professional floor sanding companies depends on:

  • Square footage of floors being refinished
  • Location specifics like accessibility challenges
  • Specialty needs like moisture remediation or odor removal
  • Additional services desired like staining, finishing or refinishing on top of sanding

In order to develop an accurate quote customized for the details of your unique project, contact a professional company for on-site evaluations.

Cost Savings of Hiring the Pros

While first bids from professional organizations may seem high compared to DIY store equipment rental prices alone, you’ll actually save money by hiring flooring specialists. Consider all the cost risks of tackling sanding solo:

  • Buying/renting equipment lacking the power you actually need
  • Potential health bills if unsafe dust levels are inhaled
  • Additional supplies to contain dust and debris
  • Possible total floor replacement if damage from DIY sanding is severe

Add in the labor and time you save plus the longevity of results performed correctly the first time around. Suddenly, professional services make perfect financial sense!

Let our floor sanding specialists provide a free estimate tailored to the unique specifications of your project. We often offer seasonal specials and first-time customer deals as well!

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Professional for Floor Sanding

While hiring professional floor sanding services is recommended for flawless results with ease, customers also need to be aware of a few areas ripe for potential mishaps:

Not Defining Project Scope

Failing to align on a well-defined scope of services upfront frequently leads to mismatched expectations down the line. Be specific about what floors require sanding, what additional needs exist, when work will be performed, how the area will be kept dust-free and more.

Forgetting to Check Credentials

Sadly, there are still unlicensed imitation contractors seeking to make quick money from flooring jobs. Always double check credentials like license numbers, proof of insurance, bond documentation and more.

Attempting Last-Minute Miracles

Be realistic that damaged, worn floors showing years of decline cannot be wholly restored to a perfect state, despite even the most professional sanding services. Be clear about your hopes for outcomes balanced with your floors’ condition.

Putting Off Necessary Repairs

It’s not advised only to sand failing floors showing structural deficiencies like buckling without addressing underlying issues. Repair damaged areas whenever possible before sanding for optimal longevity.

Ordering Behind-The-Scenes Services

Customers are often better off skipping add-on offers sold as “deeper cleaning” that happen out of sight like subfloor dismantling. Only allow and pay for work you can verify firsthand. Don’t take anyone’s word for it alone if you have concerns.

By selecting reputable professionals upfront, clearly communicating expectations and using good judgment, you’ll avoid unfortunate hiring situations. Let our floor sanding specialists make your next hardwood floor restoration smooth, successful and stress-free!

What to Expect During Professional Floor Sanding

Once you’ve hired trusted floor sanding experts, what happens next? Here is a basic timeline so you know what to expect:

Professional Floor Sanding

Initial On-Site Evaluation

The first step is an on-location visit to analyze your existing floors. Professionals evaluate wear patterns, damage, moisture issues and other variables that influence the custom recommendation plan presented with your quote.

Clearing the Area

Next, all furniture and valuables are removed from the rooms being refinished. This includes clearing lower items off walls, protecting doorways/entries and laying drop cloths. For safety, pets should board off-site and people exit during high dust portions.


Using specialized equipment with dust containment attachments, professionals methodically sand floors the subfloor wood is fully revealed. Multiple grit sandpaper strips are used becoming increasingly finer for a silky smooth surface to stain/finish over.

Vacuuming & Tack Cloths

After sanding, every particle of sawdust and debris must be vacuumed away before wiping carefully with sticky tack cloths. Floors must be totally clean before the next step.


Optional custom stain matching and tinting take place if desired to influence final color tones. Next multiple layers of tough yet beautiful urethane coatings protect floors for years while rounding out your new aesthetic. Oil-based options lend extra durability.

Drying Time

Drying times vary based on formulas used but often take 16 hours or longer before floors can be walked on. Drying occurs fastest in spaces kept between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit with ample airflow circulation.

Curing Time

It takes 10-14 full days for finishes to completely cure to maximum hardness where furniture can be moved back and regular foot traffic resumes. Use care during this period to prevent premature finish wear.

Let our floor sanding team make transforming your tired hardwood floors into a smooth, efficient and stress-free reality. We serve customers throughout the UK with exceptional results guaranteed every time. Contact us today to get started!


When wondering whether it’s necessary to call for professional floor restoration services, consider the myriad benefits of hiring experienced specialists. Reputable companies like ours have high-performance equipment, advanced safety protocols, dust containment measures and full-scope offerings that deliver spa-like floors without the hassles, risks and learning curves of DIY.

While refinishing hardwoods yourself seems like a logical way to trim expenses, oftentimes it leads to lackluster results performed unsafely without needed tools. Then real cost issues emerge if permanent damage or health consequences occur requiring total replacements. Partnering with longtime floor sanding professionals supports value, money savings and peace of mind long-term.

To determine if your floors could benefit from professional repairs, refinishing or overall restoration, call our team today. We proudly offer free quotes with no obligation so you understand your budget and options before proceeding. Discover firsthand the rewarding difference contracting with specialty restoration experts makes.

For urgent floor sanding services throughout the UK regions Covering London, Manchester, Birmingham Bristol and more, depend on our dedicated professionals for world-class results backed by our satisfaction guarantee every time. Contact us now to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need professionals for sanding vs. renting equipment myself?

Floor sanding requires advanced equipment beyond hardware store rental offerings. Commercial drum sanders feature precision adjustments, horsepower speeds exceeding 1,000 RPMs and dust containment that portable models lack. Protecting your lungs and home from dust while delivering enhanced outcomes needs specialty gear.

How soon after sanding can we resume walking on floors?

On average expect at least 16 hours after finish layers are applied before light foot traffic resumes across newly sanded floors. 30 full days should pass before moving furniture back into place or returning to normal activity. Patience protects floors!

How messy or dusty will my home be during sanding?

Reputable companies strictly contain mess and dust onsite using heavy drop cloths sealed to baseboards plus professional-grade dust vacuum attachments running continually. Filters even distribute indoor air particulate back within healthy ranges. Expect clean process from start to finish!

Can existing pet urine or other scents be removed via sanding?

Yes! Sanding is the most effective way to steam away unpleasant odors like pet urine which otherwise gets trapped in floorboards. By sanding into the porous grains, we remove smells lingering deep so you enjoy renewed purified air indoors.

What factors influence the total cost of professional sanding?

Key factors affecting quotes include: square footage, site location access points, the age of your floors, special needs like odor removal or subfloor repairs and what’s included like hand scraping, staining, finishing and sealing coats. Contact us directly for precise estimates per your unique project specifications!